Accept No Imitations!

Walsall Dungeon Hire

We here at the ‘Walsall Dungeon’ have decided to set the record straight.

99.9% of our guests return for future bookings. Do you know why? Well, here’s the answer…we believe in total discretion, honesty, cleanliness and efficiency. You’d be surprised how many other establishments try to copy our professionalism but fail miserably because of their utter lack of investment and commitment. We understand that there are a handful of undesirables on the scene that haven’t yet accepted the fact that we (Walsall Dungeon) have emerged as without doubt the most popular play space in the West Midlands.

Take it personally from us, we are here to stay! 

The Walsall Dungeon’ offers a unique package for those wanting a completely different experience opposed to the usual clapped out, filthy, cold, damp and totally indiscreet warehouse venues. Our establishment is completely private! That’s correct, completely private! Guests do not have to park outside a venue that resembles an old Victorian workhouse, or a block of high rise flats in the worst part of town. No, our guests have the privilege of arriving at a safe, friendly and middle class environment! Once inside our establishment, guests have complete satisfaction knowing they can rest assure that their privacy is completely respected. What strikes our guests is the amount of effort that has been put into designing the dungeon, it truly is a unique and traditional experience. Please refer to our gallery section for an idea of what to expect when visiting us.

We welcome you to book our dungeon and see for yourself the quality experience you have been waiting for. If it is you’re first time visiting a dungeon and have issues with confidence or shyness, then worry not! We have years of experience on the scene, you will be put at ease immediately! In fact, many of our guests have gone on to be extremely good friends of ours, and remember that we were beginners once.

Accept no imitations.

Walsall Dungeon.